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Many people love their lot that they currently live on but want to build a newer, bigger house in place of their old one. By Deconstructing we can save up to 80-90% of what goes to a landfill. We have the ability to show you the advantages of TAX SAVINGS by donating your home materials to a Non-Profit corporation such as Habitat for Humanity's Restore, thus lowering your cost of removing your old house. In some cases your after tax savings will allow you to get your house taken down for FREE. You also will be GOING GREEN AND SAVING OUR LANDFILLS and HELPING NON PROFIT COMPANIES SUCH AS HABITAT FOR HUMANITY.

Deconstruction is where we take the house apart by hand, thus saving everything salvageable. We remove salvage items, wrap and number them and add them to an inventory list. All salvage lumber in the home is removed, denailed, banded together, marked and added to the inventory list. All non-salvage lumber is recycled into mulch. We then deliver all salvage items to Habitat for Humanity's restore where they are resold. We have even recycled the entire foundation and rock by grinding it on site and leaving it for a rock base for the new house and driveway.

We are the premier TURN KEY Deconstruction Specialists in the Kansas City Metro Area. We offer the following services:

1. We can refer you to your choice of appraisers which will value your house as a donation value. Once you have that you can decide if it's tax advantageous to Deconstruct or to Demolish.

2. We meet with either the owner or builder to coordinate the timing of the project including permits.

3. We coordinate all utilities being disconnected and call One Call. We coordinate for a Temporary/Construction Electric meter to be set.

4. We coordinate to ensure that the property has no Asbestos or Hazardous Waste. If it does we coordinate to make sure that it was been abated properly, and that the proper authorities have been notified.

5. We coordinate items to comply with City Codes such as Erosion Control, Tree Removal, etc.

6. We remove salvage items (doors, windows, light fixtures, tubs, sinks, etc.), wrap them, inventory them and then transport them to Habitat for Humanity's ReStore. We clean our site daily to keep neighbor's happy.

7. During Deconstruction we denial all lumber and stack it by size. Once complete we band bundles and transport to Habitat for Humanity's ReStore.

8. We remove the foundation and we can dispose of it or recycle it on site.

9. We do final cleanup and also grading if needed.

10. We coordinate with Habitat for Humanity's ReStore for Final Inventory list for Appraiser.

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