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About Green Deconstruction & Salvage:

Company History

When Ric Lutz began doing Demolition, as well as Deconstructing Houses so the materials could be donated to Habitat for Humanity's Restore, it was his vision to be the "Cadillac" of the industry. Now Green Deconstruction & Salvage does work in all areas of the city including Mission Hills, Fairway, Overland Park, Kansas City. Not all projects are economically feasible to deconstruct, so we also do Demolition, Wrecking & Salvaging.

Our Motto is:

GREEN DECONSTRUCTION & SALVAGE is a Demolition and Excavating/ Grading Contractor located in Kansas City, Missouri. We serve the Kansas City metropolitan and surrounding areas.

Green Deconstruction & Salvage takes great pride in how our job sites look. In addition to doing an excellent job, we feel that keeping the neighbor happy is very important. We can show our client's how we can save them money and we can also provide references from satisfied customers. We understand Construction deadlines and we meet or exceed them, which is why we have satisfied customers and so much repeat business.

Key Personnel
RIC LUTZ– Ric is the founder of Green Deconstruction & Salvage. He is active in all aspects of work including meeting with the client, ensuring that all Permits are correct, all utilities are killed correctly, hazardous materials are properly disposed of and that all codes are met. His knowledge of various equipment and processes allow him to match the proper equipment to the project and thus get maximum efficiency. He is on site daily and oversees all operations.

BOB FOSTER – Bob has been in the construction business his entire life. He learned construction from his grandfather and father and has built numerous homes, so he understands how to get the buildings down. He is the daily on-site Project Manager and can answer any questions or address any concerns. Bob is also an excellent equipment operator and works from dusk to dawn.

DUSTIN LUTZ – Dustin, son of Ric, is also an on-site manager and helps supervise our crew.

Green Deconstruction & Salvage has the experience and knowledge to work hand in hand and to coordinate with all parties necessary to complete the job. Those services that we closely work with include: Habitat for Humanity's Restore, Appraisers, Planning & Development, Codes Administrations, Soil Testing Firms, Engineers & Architects, General Contractors, Hazardous Waste/Asbestos Removals companies, Storm Water/Erosion Control Specialists, Environmental Engineers, Insurance Companies, all Utilities including One Call, Missouri's Department of Natural Resources and Kansas' Department of Health and Environment.

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